I took some great color-mad pictures for you this weekend, but then my computer wouldn't let me download them. Dear Hubby swears that this - and the fact that my computer will no longer stay connected to the internet, and must be reconnected every five minutes now - has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he was messing around with my computer again this weekend! Know what? I don't even care. It's just so good to have him back in Wimberley again!

Sooo, until we figure out what the problem is, I'll have to draw photos from my archives. See this beautiful tea cozy here? I first spotted it a couple of years back on one of my favorite blogs, Eyes of Wonder (sadly, no longer active, though it's worth perusing the archives - an amazing photographic stroll through Jewels' world, almost through another era), and something about the colors and shape, and the way it symbolized warmth and coziness and simple living, just really grabbed hold of me. Later, I discovered that the tea cozy had been gifted her by a blog friend in New Zealand, Little Jenny Wren. When Jenny then became one of my blog friends, she offered to send me her knitting pattern for that cozy, and that's when I decided it was time to learn how to knit, and that's how most of the womenfolk in my family came to receive handmade tea cozies for Christmas last year - though none as beautiful as this one. Isn't the blog world an amazing place?

P.S. News Flash! For those of you who are former fans of Eyes of Wonder, when I made the link to her blog just now, I discovered that there was a new post up!
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