Two things I'm crazy about are color (as you well know) and the city of San Antonio. I don't care how many tourists it attracts, I still love it. It's just one of those towns where you can't walk the streets without feeling history all around you.
Soooo, imagine my glee when I came across the book San Antonio In Color: Paintings by W.B. Thompson just lying out on a table at our library the other day. I have never known artwork to grab me the way this has, and that just from pictures in a book - imagine the effect were I to to see the real deal, face to face!

Thompson went to Trinity University in San Antone, and while there, he took an art class from Professor Bill Bristow. Apparently Bristow saw something in his work, for he encouraged him to continue developing his talent. Early shows and gallery exhibitions ended up putting Thompson through law school. He now lives and paints in the Virgin Islands. I would give anything for one of the pieces from his San Antonio period, but his success has made them way to precious for my budget. I read somewhere that he uses a combination of oil pastels, conte crayons and colored pencils, so I have bought some to play with here at home. I figure that if I can't afford any of his artwork, I'll just have to learn to make my own!

P.S. Many thanks to for the book jacket image above, and to for the Night in Old San Antonio image.
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