Tuesday Style School

As a stylist, I'm always paying attention to beautifully arranged photos and what it is about them that works... I can spend hours looking through a magazine, pulling apart the bones of someone else's carefully constructed imagery. Today I've collected and commented on some lovely pics from Hannahs Form and Lilla Blanka. Which is your favourite?

1. Ballerina Love

The combination of the old, white painted chair, the roughly folded bedlinen and the pink ballet slippers is perfect... the graduating effect of the layering works back beautifully with the shape of the chair.

2. Sign Post

Black and white typography is always a winner and this grouping of vintage signs is no exception, particularly when teamed with an old rustic lamp. The floral patterned quilt in the foreground balances the austerity of the arrangement perfectly.

3. Heavenly Father

I don't know what it is about religious icons, but they always appeal to me. The beauty of this image comes from the scattered grouping of matchboxes and the unlikely subject matter.

4. Wrapped Up

What I love most about this image is it's originality... it takes some relatively run-of-the-mill components and turns them into a thing of beauty. It is striking and quirky and memorable.

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Tuesday Style School
Tuesday Style School
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