This morning we landed in Arles, another town built upon Roman ruins.  It is also the spot where Van Gough spent more than a year in a hospital, trying to get a grip on what may have been a combination of epilepsy and being bipolar.  Creatively, it was one of the most productive periods of his life.

Scattered about town you will see reproductions of some of his paintings juxtaposed against the scene he had depicted in them.  One shows a crowd of people watching a bullfight in the colliseum.

Our tour guide pointed out to us that it was very clear from this painting that Van Gough was not really interested in the bullfight or in the colliseum.  What fascinated him were the people and the colors.  It hit me then that that is my passion as well!  Sooo, why then have I been filling my camera up with all these photos of buildings and monuments?

 From that moment on, I focused my camera on people and color.  The result?  Mmwa!  Tres, tres bien!

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