We made it!  Worst part so far?  Being told that our first flight was delayed two hours, which meant we'd miss all our connections.  Thirty minutes later they switched it back to being on time, and all was well.   It was also a little tough to arrive at our hotel at about 9:00 am, after skipping ahead six hours and eliminating a whole night's sleep, only to find that our rooms wouldn't be ready until 3:00.  The good news is, it's a really nice hotel, within spittin' distance of the Eiffel Tower!  We had croissants at a cafe with new friends who will be on the cruise with us, wandered the neighborhood until we couldn't stand up any longer, then took a boat ride down the Seine and back.

Best part of the day?  Walking in Julia Child's footsteps on Rue Cler - her favorite street for food shopping. 

We saw one cafe that was dedicated to fois gras, and each table had its own little toaster!

We had dinner at one place there, then dessert at another.  And now, finally, to sleep, for the first time since Wed. morning!
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