A Denuded Loquat Shrub
I can't believe I've awakened to temps in the 40's the last couple of days.  That's freakin' ab-normal for this time of year in Texas.  Of course, that's not to say I'm not lovin' every minute of it!  In fact, for the first time in weeks, I actually have the urge to get out and work in the garden.  Between the heat and a bad case of the Quadruple D's (Disheartening Discouragement due to Deer Devastation), gardening has not been real high on my priority list of late.  Oh, and speaking of DDDD's, I saw something the other day that I never thought I'd see in a million years.  I saw my husband...

John's Old BB Gun
...with one of those in his hands!  He was actually sitting on the steps outside, practicing with it.  Granted, it is just a BB gun, but even so, this is my hubby we're talkin' about!  My hubby the marshmallow, who just love, love, loved all the little deer on our property, and wanted to put out corn for them every day!

Apparently, now that he's getting into gardening, he's starting to sing a different tune.  It might have been that thousand or so dollars worth of new trees and shrubs that he had to use a pickaxe to dig holes for, only to have them all completely denuded within a couple of days, that sent him over the edge.  Or it might have been the way that one deer, when John caught him red-handed and hollered to scare him away, just stood there arrogantly and flipped John off (or whatever the deer equivalent of that would be).

I guess it's up to me to save John from himself, for I know my hubby.  If he ever did manage to shoot an animal with that gun, and it actually did cause the animal some harm?  Well, he'd never be able to live with himself.  I probably couldn't live with him either, 'cause he'd be draggin' around here with his chin on the floor for days!  Sooooo, where can I hide that BB gun?
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