Girls Own Shed

I'm a girly girl (I know... you're shocked, right?!).  I've often whinged  and wined about the fact that I now live in a male dominated world that is literally dripping with navy blue clothes and yellow tonka trucks!  I desperately love my boys (both the big one and the little one) but I do occasionally dream of pink tulle skirts and silver fairy wings, of lavender cupcakes and sparkly shoes.  

So I've decided that the only thing for it is to create my very own backyard shed (...I don't actually have a backyard yet, but I'm working on it!).  I would have it totally decked out in white and pastels with a huge, jangly, glittering chandelier hanging from above, fairy lights strung all around, a kettle and a chair for my cat Daphne (... Daphne doesn't exist yet either by the way!).  Would you care to join me for tea?

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Girls Own Shed
Girls Own Shed
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