Today we went to another of those famous French indoor markets, or les halles -- this one in Avignon.  It being a Saturday, entire families were out shopping together.  The first stop for many was at the small cafe in the back, where they tossed back a few fresh oysters (for breakfast?).

My favorite sight of the morning was three little boys around four or five years old, each on a little skateboard/scooter thingy, who were shopping the stalls with their papa.  When they came to the stall that sold whole chickens, heads and feet still on, the butcher grabbed one out of the case and made it dance around on the counter for their entertainment. 

Next he yanked a handful of feathers from the chicken's tuft, and let them rain down on the boys.  Finally he grabbed the chicken by it's head and started whirling it around overhead, like a lasso. 

You should have heard the boys squeal!  Is it any wonder that they'd rather go food-shopping with Papa than stay home and watch cartoons?
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