She thought it was just the 4 Muses, doing a "fancy dress" progressive luncheon -- but we told her to wear her swimsuit underneath, in case we decided to jump in Outdoor Woman's creek or hot tub.  Appetizers at my house.

Well, it's not easy pulling off a surprise party -- especially when you've got a half dozen women in several different cities (the main hostess in Africa through most of the planning period), and one hubby (who's wife "reads him like a book") involved in the planning and preparations, but I think we pulled it off.  In fact, I think it's safe to say that, for one afternoon at least, our Fiber Woman was one Flabbergasted Woman!

The party favors, handed out in advance, were sparkly "fascinators" for each of us to wear in our hair.
All of FW's friends are artists, musicians, or both!

FW wore many crowns throughout the day -- these came from the Philippines, and had tiny animal skulls on them.
Time to cool off.
Time for a nap.
Time to pose.
And now, time to go home, after a very, very well-celebrated day!
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