Yesterday our cruise came to an end, and we had to say goodbye to all the new friends we had made, and the staff-members we had fallen in love with.  Very sad, but now we are in Marseille!  Although it is on the coast of the Mediterranean, it is not a resort town like Nice or Monte Carlo. It is very much a working town - which is good, because I didn't come here to see a bunch  of rich Americans lying on the beach.  I came to see French people.  Real French people.

This was most unusual for me, but I didn't do any research at all on Marseille before we got here.  The only information we have is what was gleaned while reading a mystery novel called The Vintage Caper, by beloved writer/foodie Peter Mayle - author of the memoir A Year in Provence.   As I was reading the story, I would jot down the occasional point of interest.  I also made note of where the characters went to eat, and what they had while there.  Thanks to these notes, we had best meal of the trip so far, last night, at a little place called Peron.

The first wine I ever loved.
It sits high on the Corniche President  Kennedy, and from its terrace we were able to watch the sun sinking behind the small island which holds the Chateau d'If -- the place where the Count of Monte Christo was said to have been incarcerated.  It just doesn't get any better than that!
Chateau d'If
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