Instagram Tragic

Now you know how technologically challenged I am?  You know how incapable my brain is of processing anything remotely connected to computers?  You know how much I loathe internet jargon and techy speak and people who are obsessed with their gadgets?  Well, finally, after months and months of deliberating (to the point of ad nauseum), I am the proud owner of a brand spanking new WHITE iPhone 4 (hip hip hooray, clap, clap, clap!).  And. I. LOVE. it!

I must say, that it does seem to be taking me an inordinate amount of time to figure out how to use it (unfortunately, it didn't come with a 14 y.o that I could conveniently carry around in my pocket to give me instructions!).  Yesterday I installed some cool rock'n apps including Instagram.... look, look, LOOK what I can do:

Please share your apps secrets with me!

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Instagram Tragic
Instagram Tragic
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