The guide who escorted us from Paris to Chalon-sur-Soane
We are on the boat at last! (but not yet in motion)  We got here yesterday afternoon, after a brief stop for a little tour of Dijon where, of course, I had to buy mustard.

Our boat, the Amadeus Symphony
This morning we drove to Beaune, the heart of the Burgundy wine region, to do a bit of tasting, and to visit Hotel Dieu -- a very elegant hospital where nuns have, for centuries (right up until the 60s, I think) cared for the poor. It was originally built and funded by a very wealthy couple who wanted to ensure their passage into heaven.  Upon her death, the wife's vineyards -- some of the best in France -- went to the cloister.  Now, every November they auction off some of the wine, and the funds earned continue to pay for health care and a nursing home for the indigent, where they are served very good wine!

In a couple of hours we will finally get underway.  Right now I'm sitting in the ship's lounge, enjoying a French afternoon tea.  So far, this is what I've found:

MOST YUMMY: Pave du Canard (duck) with little roasted potatoes and a green peppercorn sauce (must find a recipe for that sauce -- I sopped up every drop!)

MOST UNUSUAL: A fois gras creme brule.  Can't say that I'm a fan of liver and honey, though my oldest sister would've loved it.

MOST STARTLING: Hearing a ripple of commotion run through the dining room last night, glancing up at the huge windows that faced onto the quay, and finding that two young inebriated frenchmen had dropped their drawers and were mooning us all!  Quite the bon voyage, non?

A Bon Voyage toast with the Captain
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