1111 Lincoln Road - Herzog & de Meuron

Architect: Herzog & de Meuron

The newest addition to the lincoln road area is swiss architects herzog & de meuron's '1111 lincoln road'. located on the west end of the street at the intersection of alton road, the five-story structure includes 300 parking spaces, retail and restaurant spaces, offices and condominiums extending through the pedestrian mall.

The developer of the project, robert wennet, came across the sun trust building in miami, a 1970s office with a structure that spoke of the city's past. his idea was to upgrade the building, transforming it into a more civic-orientated space with a variety of retail as well as a parking structure. He selected herzog & de meuron to execute the project and design this new cultural destination and central gathering place.

The architects haf designed four residential units, approximately 2,500 square feet each which feature courtyard gardens, skylights and a two parking space garage. 

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1111 Lincoln Road - Herzog & de Meuron
1111 Lincoln Road - Herzog & de Meuron
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