Miss Becky, Miss P and Miss B -- Then
Miss P, Miss Becky, and Miss N -- Now
This was a weekend for unleashing memories.  Yesterday I spent a good five hours with my friend Miss N., whom we met in Bahrain when we were both newlyweds.  She came armed with photo albums, and as we poured over them together, forgotten faces, names and stories came floating to the surface.

Mr. T, Dear Hubby, and Mr. B. (husband of Muse Buffalo Woman) enjoy the sights and sounds at Wimberley Arts Fest.
Today I did the same thing with dear old friends Mr. T and Miss P, whom we also met in Bahrain.  Then we met up with Miss N at the Wimberley Arts Fest, where we sipped, shopped, and shared for a few more hours.

I can't understand how anyone can stand still, when listening to Ponty Bones and the Squeezetones!
Fiber Woman in her booth at the Arts Fest
Though I'm sad that our visit has come to an end, they did leave me with some very special gifts...

albums full of photos, permission to scan as many as I want, and a passel of story ideas for my other blog, Miss Becky Goes Abroad.
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