...and I sure hope that is so, 'cause we are now on our third round of bathroom tile and kitchen flooring choices!

Glass tiles for shower border or insets - option A.       

The first round, if you recall, was the beautiful black & white kitchen and bath that Lex designed for us, similar to what we have now, but even better.  Then I went and changed my mind, finally admitting that the real me craved more color, something earthy, with a cantina/hacienda feel to it.

Tile inset, option B.
So Lex put her thinkin' cap back on, and came up with the ideal thing.  We had consulted with the architect who designed our house first, and he told us that, even though it's an upstairs floor, not supported by a concrete foundation, he didn't see any reason why we couldn't switch from this linoleum floor to a tile one, so that's what she chose. 

Pebble options for the new shower's floor.
However, when the contractor and flooring/tile guys came out, they weren't so optimistic.  There are already two ridges poking up and causing the linoleum to crack, and if they added enough padding to compensate for that and keep the tiles from cracking, the tile would sit up way higher than the wood flooring in the other two rooms, and people would constantly stub their toes going from one to the other.

Wall tiles for the new shower.
In addition to that, the plumber and tile guys pointed out that, though the cute flower tiles we had chosen for the shower were glazed on the front side, their back sides were porous, and if any moisture were to seep down behind them, they might start popping off.  Bummer.

New flooring choice, for both kitchen and bath.
Soooo, yesterday we spent half the day trying to come up with all new choices that would meet with everyone's approval: John, me, Lex, plumber guy, floor and tile guy, contractor guy and architect guy.  Not an easy task, believe you me!  Thank goodness I finally got over trying to please the original owners of the house, my deceased parents, and all of our siblings as well! (What can I say?  That's how I was raised!)
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