Moving Home

After much thought and deliberation you have taken the final step and made the decision to move home.

For many people this is the start of a lot of stress and worry that can last for two or three months until the final move is made.

If this is your first move then you may be unsure how to proceed.
First of all take a look around your home and see if it needs sprucing up a little, this could make a big difference as a prospective buyer will be more inclined to lean towards the asking price if it is looking good.
Your garden can also be an inducement so trim the hedges and mow the lawn if it is in need so it looks tidy and neat.

Your very first job is to contact an Estate Agent and ask them to look over your home and give you the market value.

You should then contact your mortgage lender and find out what the final value will be to pay off your mortgage so you can assess the amount of money you will have towards a deposit on your new home.
If you are happy with your present mortgage lender you can approach them for advice on applying for a new mortgage.

You can now begin your search for your new home.

Do not contemplate selling your present home until you have found the one you wish to purchase or you could end up with out a home or the loss of a good sale if you have to pull out. This is upsetting for every one especially if it involves a chain, plus your purchaser will already be facing solicitors fees.

It can be quite thrilling looking over homes with a view to buying, it could be your future home so make sure it is exactly what you want before committing yourself.

On a more personal note, quite often you can walk into a home and know instantly it is for you, this is even before you have looked around. It can be a feeling of welcome or homeliness as you enter the house, do not ignore those feelings they mean a lot.

When you find a house and it is just what you are looking for do a little homework before putting in an offer.
First of all how long has the house been for sale? if it has been on the market for a while then the vendors may accept a lower offer. Enquire about the neighbours after all you do not want to live next door to rowdy or quarrelsome neighbours.

Visit the house during the day and during the evening you will then be able to judge on the amount of traffic that passes your front door and if the area is exactly what you are looking for.

If you have children are the local schools within walking distance or will they have to cross busy highways to get there.

If you are satisfied that you have found the ideal home and location then your next step is to make an offer, put in a lower offer but be prepared to go up on it if it is not accepted.

Once it is accepted inform the vendor that you are about to put your house for sale so they will be prepared for the wait if your home takes a few weeks to sell.

The only problem with this is that if another buyer comes along with a higher offer or an immediate purchase you could lose out, so refrain from informing your solicitor of the purchase until you receive an offer for your own home.

If you are lucky and a first time buyer comes along then everything will proceed smoothly but if a chain develops you could have a longer wait before your move to your new home.

The sale has gone through and you have a moving date it is now time to make arrangements with a removal firm.

A reputable firm will come to your home and assess what furniture is to be moved and also if there is any valuable items that need a lot of care, they may also be prepared to do the packing for you. this of course will show up on the final price.

It is preferable to go with a well known company so you can be assured that things will run smoothly.
An unknown firm may be cheaper but are they experienced and trustworthy?

Your last decision is who will remain in your old home to make sure everything is removed and the house is left in good order, and who will go to your new home to see the furniture is placed exactly where you want it.

This will probably be moms job and if children are involved she will be there to keep control of their exuberant spirits as this a time of excitement for them.

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Moving Home
Moving Home
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