Quirky Art Ideas for Children's Rooms

I'm always on the lookout for fun, creative and affordable art ideas for children's bedrooms. Here are some of my recent favourites... 

This door is so simple and so clever... the possibilities are endless... you could get the children to create their own artwork, you could use a vintage poster or some funky wallpaper... or paint the inserts with blackboard paint so they can scribble on their door with chalk!

This idea is ingenious for little kids... imagine how much fun they would have changing the images around! 

The frame above has been backed with wire mesh to make it easy to attach different items - kids can peg, hang and tie up all the little bits and pieces they collect.

Framed vintage hankies... a great idea!  You could even hunt down ones with monogrammed initials to represent the alphabet... "A", "B", "C", "D"... or find ones with an animal theme.

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Quirky Art Ideas for Children's Rooms
Quirky Art Ideas for Children's Rooms
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