Composite Front Door Styles

Composite doors are the innovative introduction to homes from the door industry. Where other front doors and back doors fail, composite doors not only do the job, but they exceed expectations in virtually every way. Affordable, functional and stylish, these new doors are expected to raise the industry's standards as they gain more and more popularity. This article is going to cover some of the designs on offer.

Firstly, the Westminster composite door is a classic design. It features four rectangular panels with two smaller square panels at the top of the door. With this design, you can have an entirely solid door for maximum privacy, glazing on the top two square panels to allow light in but maintain the majority of privacy or the top two square panels and the top two rectangular panels glazed to allow a larger amount of light to pass.

The Kensington composite door is a simple but smart design featuring four rectangular panels. The door is available with entirely solid panels or with the top two rectangle panels glazed. The traditional appearance of the Kensington would compliment the style of any home as a front door.

The Chigwell design is very similar to the Kensington design. Instead of four rectangular panels, the top two panels have an elegant curved design and are only available glazed. This simple addition to the design can make a big difference to the overall look of the door.

The Dalston composite door is again a design much like the Kensington and the Chigwell. The variation of this design is that the top two glazed panels are arched. The lower two rectangular panels remain solid. Another simple but highly effective style for you to choose from.

The Mayfair door is available in three different options. The first Mayfair features four rectangular panels with a glazed 'wheel' at the top of the door. Much like the Westminster, this offers privacy whilst still allowing light into the room. The wheel is a very attractive design option. For those looking for something a bit simpler, the second Mayfair design features four rectangular panels with a glazed semi-circle at the top. The final Mayfair door is perfect for a bright and airy hallway - featuring two solid lower rectangular panels, two upper glazed rectangular panels and a glazed semi-circle at the top.

The Trafalgar composite door is a charming style, perfect for back doors. The two options both come with two solid lower rectangular panels. The first features a large grid window with nine panes of glazing. The second is a simpler design, with one large glazed window. The large windows allow a lot of light to pass through, perfect for darker rooms.

The Finsbury is a very attractive door. The first style combines design elements from the Mayfair Wheel and the Trafalgar Grid - with two solid lower panels, a glazed grid in the centre and a glazed wheel at the top of the door. The second Finsbury features a large arched window.

Each composite door comes with further options to customize your door and really make it your own. There 
is a choice of seven external colours to compliment your house and three hardware finishes to brighten your door. Finally, there are a large range of glass designs, from simple to stylish, for glazed doors and a range of backing glasses that allow you to choose the level of privacy you would like, regardless of the size, position or design of your window.

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Composite Front Door Styles
Composite Front Door Styles
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