Once again, Wimberley has strengthened my belief in synchronicity--has proven to me that, if you only pay attention, you will often be led to the path you were meant to go down, and introduced to the people you were meant to know.

While at that amazing fundraising party this weekend, I noticed that woman in  pink.  Turns out, she's the one who saw the need, started the ball rolling, and pulled it all together in less than three week's time!  Someone told me her name was Shelly, and that she does acupuncture and herbal medicine here in town, and I remember thinking she'd probably be a very interesting person to know.

On Monday, I was sitting in Mima's, enjoying my taco and ruminating about the previous day's event when, much to my surprise, I suddenly heard Susan Gibson singing one of the very songs she played at that event.  I whipped my head around, and there, just a few tables away, was The Lady in Pink!  And, she was sitting with Ed Pope, the fellow we're trying to get elected!  The music was coming from her phone, as she was showing him a little video clip she had filmed at the event.  I was just thinking about walking over to introduce myself and congratulate them, when they got up to leave.  Guess I should have been paying attention when I came in, huh?

Anyhoo, yesterday I finally went to check on something that the universe has been shoving in my face for months now.  A new shop opened up down near the square, called The Whimsy Store.  I liked the name as soon as I heard it, and thought I should go check it out.  But I didn't.  Then I read somewhere that the owner was offering computer classes, teaching all that stuff I really ought to know by now.  I was thinking, "Maybe she can even help me get this new blog of mine designed and set up.  I should go talk to her!"  But I didn't.  Then, thankfully, Fiber Woman did stop into the shop, and came back to report that it was a very cool place, whose owner, Denise, also taught classes on memoir writing, and she hosts weekly get-togethers there for "Women of Wild Whimsy."  Alright, Already!  I get the message, finally!  I'm supposed to get my fanny down there to that shop!

Yesterday Fiber Woman and I both attended one of Denise's get-togethers, and you'll never guess who else was there...The Lady in Pink!  And I was right--she is fascinating!  And, guess what was for sale in that shop?  The one painting that was destined to fill that long-empty space next to my little picture of a goat named Pearl, painted by local artist Betty Rhodes.  This new one, painted by another local woman, but many decades ago, is of some little boys who are skinny-dipping... in Jacob's Well!  How perfect is that?

And that, my friends, is why I love Wimberley.  It makes me feel like the world is just full of possibilities, and that, given a bit of time, I can be, do, create or accomplish pretty much anything I set my mind to.  Funny thing, shop owner Denise said almost that exact same thing yesterday -- a good  credo for all Muses and Women of Wild Whimsy, don't you think?
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