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Residential moves consist of two different types. These types are local and long distance. Usually a local move is self-explanatory and relatively easy for any professional mover. Long distance moves can become more complicated than a local move which is why it is imperative to hire the right company that has experience in moving families across the country. Using a company that has handled both types of moves can also be helpful because the amount of services offered are much greater than a smaller company that has less experience.

The first service offered from any respected mover is to give someone a quote. This will entail the entire move from start to finish. It will also include any added services that a family can choose from. One of these services is to have your movers actually pack your entire house before the move takes place. The company will typically come in a few days before your schedule move date and pack everything quickly, and safely. This gives you less to worry about with your move, and this has the potential to keep your belongings in better condition.

Once everything is packed, the moving company will load your belongings onto their own personal company trucks to transport them to your new residence. Once arrived, they will unpack the truck for you and put everything in the right place. If you have chosen to allow the movers to take care of the packing and unpacking, this is also when everything gets unpacked.

To assist with the organization of the move, typically a company will have at least one coordinator that is assigned to your move. You can trust that this will be the person to keep the move on schedule. You will receive a very accurate estimate as to how much time the overall move will take at the time you get a quote, and any timeframe changes during the move you will be notified immediately.

One specialty service provided by movers that are fluent with your area is storage possibilities. It's very common for a family to need storage space after a move, so what perfect option to take care of this than your movers taking care of your home. You could possibly have two separate trucks, which will make the move a one-time thing, and save you time and money later down the road if you decide to put things in storage. The best service offered during a residential move though is clearly customer satisfaction, which is always key when a company is handling all of your personal possessions.

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Moving Services for Residential Properties Article Source
Moving Services for Residential Properties  Article Source
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