Pie sold by the slice - but how to choose only one?
April is a frenzied month here in the Hill Country.  We go festival-crazy this time every year, because this and October are just about the only months where you can be fairly confident that it won't dip down into the 20s or spike up above 100.  So, Sunday we had the fundraiser to go to, but Saturday it was the Wimberley Pie Social!

There were animals to be petted and air-filled castles to be bounced in...
Pick a flavor, any flavor!
Hot dogs, sno-cones and live music to be enjoyed... aprons to be auctioned, and, most importantly, pies to be judged!

Aprons decorated by local school kids.

 I almost always go for a slice of the peach pie, but this year I decided on something chocolate.  But it wasn't a cream pie, it was more like a brownie pie, and it got me to thinkin'... that maybe next year I should enter a pie... perhaps a Mexican Chocolate Streusel Brownie Pie (if I can only figure out how to do that!).

Anyhoo, I think it's fairly safe to say, a good time was had by one and all...well...except maybe these guys....

who were all lookin' a wee bit green, before they even made it halfway through their pie!
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