Lucky Number Seven

Have you heard of the blog The Odessa May Society?  If not, you better get your skates on quick smart and scoot over there for a peek... I met Jennie Prince, the talented author of this lovely site, through the recent Blogging Your Way e-course.  I was really touched that Jennie nominated Wicker & Stitch for a Stylish Blogger award (woohoo!).  I always get such a kick out of these things - the blogging world is so full of love and friendship and encouragement.

The deal with this award is that the recipient has to reveal 7 things about themselves that readers wouldn't already know before passing the award onto others... now, I've done this a few times before so, as a bit of a twist on the theme, I thought it would be fun to share some personal things that have happened to me today that have made me smile:

1. Our little Monkey, who will be seven months old in a few days time, woke up this morning and called for "Dadada" and "Mamama" from his cot... Andre and I lay in bed, holding hands and smiling into the darkness at the wonder of being somebody's parents (never mind that it was 5.30am!).

2. I received a package of beautiful fabrics in the post and then sat with them on my lap, stoking them like they were a cat... yes, really!

3. A friend leant me a little book called All My Friends Are Dead... you have to read it, its hysterical!

4. The Monkey got the giggles while eating his morning tea and couldn't stop... I wish I could bottle his unbridled joy and give a dose to all the sad people in the world!

5. I went for a walk in the sunshine and felt the warmth seep into my soul and fill up my heart.

6. I received a beautiful email from my gorgeous friend Jane, full of wisdom, love and encouragement... her blog, Life on Planet Baby is a lovely place to visit.

7. I rang my Mum to tell her about the cot calling... her delight at my delight made me feel light as a feather.

And in case you've ever wondered where I sit when I blog... here is a sneek peek at my messy desk (which sits in our dining room in our tiny little apartment!).

Now... for the good part!  I decided to nominate 3 stylish bloggers who I have only just discovered as a way of introducing them to you and hopefully letting them know just how fabulous I think they are:

1. Gigi from The Magpies Fancy - a blog so beautifully written it sometimes makes me cry.

2. Gina from Doe-C-Doe - the quirkiest little vintage-inspired blog you'll ever read.

3. The Beauty Comma - my latest crush for inspirational imagery.

I hope these blogs bring you all some happiness today.

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Lucky Number Seven
Lucky Number Seven
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