Our parade perch two or three years ago.
The first part of summer usually just whizzes past, doesn't it?  It always surprises me when July 4th rolls around, and the stores start pulling down all their swimsuit, pool toy and patio furniture displays, to replace them with school supplies and dorm room decor.  As a kid it made me sad, but not anymore.  Now it's a relief -- only two and half months of sweltering left to survive!  If only this last half moved as quickly as the first.

Well, guess I'd better go get dressed, if we're going to sneak into town early and find a shady spot to park the truck in, from which we can later enjoy the parade.  We finally got smart, and realized it might be better not to always sit facing into the sun.  The good news is, it's only supposed to get up to 99 degrees today.  The bad news?  There's not a cloud in the sky!

Last year's perch.
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