Anybody remember that big tree-like plant I had in the Cantina Garden last year, with the burgundy star-shaped leaves and day-glo coral pom-pom thingies on it?  Well it's dead.  Dead, dead, dead.  It did not like all those dips into the 20's this winter.
Castor Bean
But wait!  What is this?  Could it be?  Why yes, it is!  It seems many of those pom poms dried up then fell into the flower bed, and since I was too lazy to keep them all picked up, I got me some babies!  At first there was just one, so I kept it for myself, but a few weeks later, another popped up, so I gave it to Fiber Woman for her birthday.  The other Muses were jealous.  But guess what?  I've got more babies!  Better get your sweet selves over here girls!

This marigold sprang up from left behind seeds as well.  Dontcha just love free plants?

This colorful fellow here is a new one I tried this spring, which I think is related to that old standby, Purple Heart.  It's tag called it a "groundcover", which spreads by rhizomes.  Well, I bought one, one gallon pot of it, and divided it into four plants.  None of them seems to have grown much, and only this one has sent up a little pup, so it's gonna take a heck of a long time to cover any ground.  Still, are those colors just the bees knees, or what?

Last but not least is this hussie, the centerpiece from the pot I showed you yesterday.  I hate to have to say this, but I fear that girl just might be a floozie!  Why, she's only been here since spring, and she's already had two new babies in her own bed,  and one in the bed next door.  I've got my eye on you girl.  I don't care how gorgeous you are, if you dare to strut your stuff outside that fence, you're history!
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