It's Chic To Be Shabby

A friend of mine is doing a mini makeover of her apartment... out with the old, dark wood furniture belonging to her husband (what is it with men and heavy bench seat dining tables I ask you?) and in with  a whole collection of bits and pieces she has sourced from all over the internet at bargain basement prices.  The plan is to paint everything in various neutral shades and then give them a loving scrub down with sandpaper.  Before you know it, she will have a brand new interior scheme using affordable furniture that is dripping with character (and sweat!).

In this era of tightening budgets and economic meltdowns, is it little wonder that Shabby Chic has continued to win over our hearts?  Not only is second-hand furniture cheap, but the subsequent hours of tedious, back-breaking labour required to transform an ugly duckling into a swan, provide a mood-altering high so powerful it can blind us from the fear of interest rate rises for at least a week!

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It's Chic To Be Shabby
It's Chic To Be Shabby
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