My Love Affair with Africa

I'm back... from a land so beautiful it almost defies description.  My journey through South Africa was filled with so much wonder and colour it will remain etched in my memory as a place where the heartbeat of the country is audible in the sky and the landscape and the vast razor-wire jungle of Johannesburg.  It is a place of contradictions, where fear sits comfortably with pride, where anxiety is soothed by smiles so blinding you remain desolate in their wake.

I loved it.  From the radiant light of the Waterberg, to the crude, yet stunningly beautiful architecture that is so raw and authentic.  I adored the people and the way they turn every child into royalty.  The harsh, imposing landscape of the Cape made me feel insignificant and powerful all at once.  The animals... my God, the animals!  To see an elephant flap his ears and mock charge at twenty paces is a chilling thrill everyone should experience at least once.

Here are just a few photos... a little teaser of things to come.  I was so inspired by the architecture (particularly my husband's!) that I'll post in more detail as soon as I get organised.  I'm warning you that I'm now obsessed with stone... their use of natural materials is so superior to anything I've seen here in Australia it definitely warrants further exploration!

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My Love Affair with Africa
My Love Affair with Africa
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