Usually I let my husband and kids pick our movies, which means I've seen a whole lot of sci-fi, fantasy,  gore, action and comic-based movies.  Ever so often though, I dig my heels in, and insist that we see something worthy of being called "film" or "cine."  For the last few years, that's been a problem, since the only art house theatre in Austin was on the far north side.  I lucked out when I happened to find Midnight in Paris showing at one of the mainstream theatres, and again when I just happened to be in Dallas during the one week when Bride Flight was being shown.  But those two just whetted my appetite -- made me crave more of the same!

So, imagine my glee when I stumbled across some facebook chatter about a new place called The Violet Crown!  With its convenient downtown location, it's at least 20 or 30 minutes closer to us than the other art house theatre, and there are other plusses as well.  Such as the lovely cafe/bar just off the lobby, in case you want to meet friends for a drink or dinner beforehand.  I was kinda tickled with the beverage selection too -- at a help-yourself fountain in the hallway, with free refills allowed.  It's not every day you see selections such as these:

That's Dublin Dr. Pepper, in case you didn't notice, and Texas Prickly Pear Cactus Juice Lemonade!

When I checked to see what all was showing on that particular day, I realized that I would be happy seeing just about any one of the five or six choices, so we just went and enjoyed a leisurely lunch at nearby Walton's Staple and Fancy (the cafe I wrote about in my last post), then showed up at the theatre and bought tickets for whatever show started next -- which is how we came to see Buck, a wonderful documentary about a real life Horse Whisperer.  See it if you get the chance!  Now if only Austin would extend that light rail south, to Kyle.
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