We went to another great house concert at Susanna's Kitchen Thursday night.  The artist was someone that my hubby was familiar with, but whom I knew nothing about.  When I asked him what kind of music she sang, he refused to say.  "I think I'll just let you be surprised."  Hah!  There wasn't much about that evening that was not a surprise!

First there is the matter of her name.  I've heard it bandied about now and again on KGSR, Austin's independent radio station that features a lot of local artists.  Being in Texas, when you hear a double name like that, you just automatically assume it's the good old-fashioned country girl name, Betty Sue.  That was the first surprise.  If I had known that it was spelled Betty Soo, then maybe I wouldn't have been so surprised when I saw this:

Boy, is she ever tiny.  The next surprise came when she opened her mouth and I heard that beautiful, clear voice singing an old Americana folk melody that she learned in her fourth grade music class.  Ya probably don't run across too many second-generation-Korean-folk-rock-singer-songwriters who grew up in Spring, Texas, now do ya?  But then, she isn't strictly folk-rock either.  There were a few surprises in her set list as well -- a little bit of gospel, a little bit of twang, a little bit of Prince, and even one Katy Perry song!  "But that's the only Katy song I can stand," she was quick to add.  "The rest pretty much make me want to, you know, physically hurt her!"  And that was the biggest surprise of the evening -- she wasn't just a great singer, she was downright funny to boot!  You should see those dimples pop out whenever she sneaks in one of her zingers.

I especially got a kick out of one song she did from that CD above, Little Tiny Secrets.  If you go to her website here, and click on the little headphones icon at the top, you can then scroll down under that CD's photo until you find the song called Secrets, and listen to it for yourself.  Better pay real close attention though.  It starts out about like any other love song: I never thought that I was lonely, but you appeared and changed that completely.  I gave my tender heart to you, you said you'd be forever true.  But then you took my tiny heart and ran...(pay attention now!)...Now I've got secrets you'd like to know, secrets you can't live without.  I know things you're dying to know, little tiny secrets you know nothing about...

She's so funny!
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