The Downstairs Utility Room, Newly Painted and Peg-Boarded
Some guys would spend every spare minute under the hood of a car, or tinkering with a lawnmower engine, if they could.  I guess you could call that guy Mechanic Man.  Others are great at household maintenance and repair.  They're more the Handy Man type.  Yard Man spends his whole weekend puttering around in the garden. To him, the only thing that could be better than having some electric hedge-trimmers or a leaf-blower in his hands, would be cruising around on a spiffy riding lawn mower.  Sports-Fan Man spends his weekends with a TV remote glued to his palm.  My hubby?  He does none of these things any more than he absolutely has to.  No, I live with Project Man.

As soon as he moved up here full-time, at the end of January, he jumped head-first into this:
The Great Two-House Consolidation Project
Right after that there was this:
Building Terraced Limestone Beds
The minute we got back from our big vacation, he dived into this:
The Big Bathroom Remodel
And, now that that's done, he's decided to reorganize all the storage rooms and closets downstairs in the guest room and man cave.
Downstairs Porch
The Guest Bedroom
The Storage Room
The Man Cave
The Guest Bath
This project may take a while.

What about you?  Who do you live with?
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