Have you ever heard of a mash-up?  They do them all the time on that TV show Glee.  It's when you take two songs, and blend them into one.  Well, yesterday I orchestrated a blog mash-up, which should have been a fantastic photo op, but I totally blew it.

You see, I have this friend from back in our Bahraini days.  Nellie is a school nurse, and is very active in the fight to stamp out childhood obesity.  She's forever doing presentations or sitting on one panel or another, and yesterday it just happened to be one in San Marcos, so she called the day before to see if I wanted to meet up for coffee afterwards.

Nurse Nellie, back in the day.
Paula, me, and Nurse Nellie now.
Well, it just so happens that Tuesdays are Coffee-With-The-Muses days, and since NN has just recently discovered this blog Seasonality, and has been reading all about the Muses, and since they have been reading all about her over on Miss Becky Goes Abroad, I figured it was the perfect opportunity for a mash-up of the two blogs.

Our Coffee Corner
Oh my word, what a gab fest, and so much in common!  And, since one can never say all one has to say when a group of women is gathered, NN and I went from there to lunch, and gabbed some more!  But not once, in that entire time, did I think to pull out my camera -- not even when The Muses were telling her what a pain it was to be my friend, what with my constant photo-taking.  Doh!
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