The Best Heat Pump for You

With the prices of utilities spiraling sky high, you would definitely want to check that you have the best heat pump possible. If you choose the right heat pump, you will be able to cut up to thirty percent from your current heating bill, definitely not a sum to be snubbed. What a heat pump does is transfer heat from one source then move it to your home. Hot air inside the house can be moved to another room if wished. Just being able to maintain the temperature of the home makes it a terrific investment for any homeowner.

Which one is right for your home? Pumps come in many sizes and it's important to choose one in the right size for the room. To compute which one you should get, every 400 square feet of space that is lived in needs a ton to heat the area properly. If the house is properly insulated and has double-glazed windows, then a smaller size heater could be used. A good option is to purchase a heater with variable capacity controls. These will allow the system to adjust to required temperatures, keeping heat in living areas and not heating up unused areas. Apart from saving money over the time it is used, these heaters are much quieter than those that require the blowers running at full all the time.

An air source heat pump is double duty: it can heat the home and cool it as needed. The only problems are its noise while operating and it frosting up when in the winter. A ground source heat pump needs to be buried, since it extracts heat from underground. While expensive and hard to install, these are silent and don't have frost problems. Keep your heat pump in good working order by cleaning and periodically replacing the air filter, at the most every two months. Check in between to see if the filters need cleaning. Have it serviced as the manufacturer recommends. Be sure that the area around the pump is kept clear. Any shrubs or vines, snow, even just leaves and grass, can impair the air flow. Air registers should be clear and open as well - make sure that no furniture or covers are in front of them.

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The Best Heat Pump for You
The Best Heat Pump for You
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