I think I must be a bit of a voyeur. One of my neighbors, who happens to be a multi-talented artist, offered to do a workshop for the Muses yesterday. Martha makes wonderful jewelry from fused glass, but the lesson yesterday was on Image Transfer -- taking images that have been copied using a toner based copier, brushing both the face of the image and the surface of your art board with gel medium, putting the image face down on the board and smoothing it out, then leaving it to set for a week. By that time the gel medium will have drawn all the ink out of the paper and it will have soaked into the

board. Then you just wet the paper and scrub it off. Of course, it's the images you create and how you layer them, that makes it art.

It was really quite fascinating, but know what interested me most? Her space. I have a serious obsession with seeing the private spaces where people create. Does that make me a voyeur? Martha was fortunate enough to have had an aunt who was also an artist -- an illustrator for American Weekly magazine, a painter, a weaver, and a collector of unique furnishings. Both the passion and the furnishings were passed on to Martha, and this studio is now imbued with her aunt's spirit. We are so very fortunate that she was willing to share it with us.
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