As part of her job in HR, my middle sister receives the Herman Trend Alerts, and whenever she sees something that might interest me, she passes it along. I found this one to be more than a little disturbing:

"Adults in the United States are now less likely to demonstrate "green" attitudes and engage in various environmentally friendly activities, than they were in the summer of 2009. According to a new Harris Poll, these folks are now less likely to engage in green behaviors in their daily life...
Specifically, compared to 2009, adults in America are now less likely to ... use less water, purchase locally grown produce and locally manufactured products, and compost organic waste.

Moreover, US adults are also less likely think or act green to have adopted certain environmental activities in the past year. In fact, six percent fewer purchased Energy Star appliances, nine percent fewer donated or recycled electronics; six percent fewer switched from bottled to tap water, five percent fewer installed a low-flow showerhead or toilet and, five percent fewer purchased a hybrid or more fuel-efficient car.

A more shocking finding is that now only 36 percent of adults say they are concerned about the planet they are leaving behind for future generations, compared to 43 percent who said so in 2009. Plus, fewer adults said environmental issues were 'very or extremely important' to them when deciding how to vote for political candidates as well. "

They theorized that this change was due to the worldwide Great Recession. The more people are struggling just to get by, the less likely they are to worry about the longterm effects of their actions. Makes sense, I suppose. Hopefully, that will change when the economy picks up again. One thing probably won't change though. Big Business.

For me personally, one problem is trust. Now that "green" has become a commercial catch phrase, there isn't a builder in Austin who doesn't claim to be a "green builder", and there's nary a product on the shelves that doesn't have the words green, natural, or eco-friendly somewhere on the package. There's some serious obfuscation going on here, people. (Don't you just love the word obfuscation?) Don't believe me? Try researching all the seed companies out there, and see how many are actually owned by the king of genetic modification, Monsanto. No wonder people are developing green-fatigue! This is why I believe in going straight to the source whenever I can. It's why I volunteer at the Bountiful Sprout, and pay visits to the farmers and producers we recruit. It's also why I've gone back to using old cleaning basics like borax, vinegar and soda. Cuz, honestly, who's a gal to believe these days, with all this green hype swirling around us?

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