Lucky Me!

About half way through last year, I stumbled upon a gorgeous blog called A Beautiful Space, the online home of a very talented decorator by the name of Sally-Ann. This morning I was very touched to discover that Sally-Ann had nominated me for a blogging award!

As a recipient, I must reveal 7 things about myself. Seeing as though you can tell the obvious by reading my posts (that I'm a lover of vintage stuff, jars, cameras, pretty fabric, the colour pink, pegs, silver cutlery, cotton reels, buttons...), I thought I should tell you things that you might not already know:

1. My first pet was a lamb called Flopsy... I grew up on a sheep and cattle property in north-west New South Wales (Australia) so we were forever taking in orphans. Not many of them survived but we did our best, keeping them by the wood fire in the kitchen wrapped in old blankets. One of my earliest memories is of standing at the back gate, giving Flopsy her bottle.

2. Last September I became a mama to the most beautiful little boy God ever put breath into! He is just a bundle of fun and yumminess... I didn't think I could have children, so his arrival was particularly sweet.

3. I meditate every day. I have discovered incredible inner peace, calmness, freedom and self-belief by spending fifteen minutes every morning in a state of conscious spiritual awareness. If I could have one wish, it would be that the whole world could learn to meditate... I'm convinced it's the one true path to happiness.

4. I married my true love and together we have made a home that is founded on the phenomenal connection of our souls... each day I have to pinch myself... I literally can't believe I found him.

5. I'm a cat lover but sadly don't own a cat. Andre and I dream of owning a British Blue called Daphne but will have to wait until we can afford a little house of our own before we can introduce a cat into the equation.

6. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ballet dancer so I could wear a pink tutu ALL the time. Sadly, I had all the grace of a baby elephant so I never even made it to classes... you'll be pleased to know that didn't stop me from wandering around our farm dressed in a leotard and ballet slippers for much of 1981!

7. I'm mildly obsessed with washing... the buzz I get from seeing a full line of clothes flapping about in the sunshine is like having a double shot of schnapps followed by a tequila slammer. To see a line of pretty aprons would be almost too much for me to handle!

So now comes the fun bit... where I get to nominate 3 extremely stylish bloggers to pass on the award to:

1. Maria from Dreamy Whites for creating my online nirvana
2. Holly from Holly Mathis Interiors for having such a stunningly presented blog
3. Tracey from My House of Giggles for continually posting such adorable, original photos


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Lucky Me!
Lucky Me!
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