I really appreciate all the lovely comments you left -- here on the blog, on facebook, and via email -- concerning the Miss Becky Goes Abroad preview that I shared with you. To tell you the truth, I too felt somewhat bereft when it ended, and have found a surprising lack of motivation to move forward, if I can't share it with you as I go along.

I don't know why I'm surprised, though, as it should have been obvious from the start. First of all, I've never been any good whatsoever at keeping exciting stuff under wraps. Just call me Blabbermouth. My exercise habits should have been the next clue. I've never been able to stick with any program unless I had someone holding me accountable. I need to know that my friends will be ticked if I don't haul my ass out of bed and meet them on the corner for our morning walk. I need someone taking attendance, and someone to keep me company while I sweat.

I guess what I'm saying is, I need you in order to write. I write letters, not books. I'm a pen-pal, not an author. It has always been about letter-writing for me: letters to John when he went overseas; letters home to the parents, to let them know I was OK; letters to friends, before there was email; Christmas letters; letters to family when we went back overseas with the kids, and wanted them to be a part of the kids' lives; letters to John when we were in counseling, trying to improve our communication skills; monthly letters to older friends and relatives, who never got on board with email...and you see, the thing about letters is, there needs to be someone on the other end -- someone you are writing to, and who, hopefully, will feel compelled to write back!

Soooo, if Miss Becky is ever to share the rest of her tale with us, I guess she will need your assistance, which is why John is going to help me set up another blog this weekend -- one that will be open to all who are interested.
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