Could I possibly have picked a worse time to write, post and present a new book-blog? I've almost completed the rough draft of chapter two in Miss Becky Goes Abroad. Now, if only I had a place to put it!

The problem is, as I was writing this chapter, an image began to form in my head -- of what the blog should look like. John was seriously into photography back in those days, even doing his own printing and developing. Since we didn't have the equipment for color prints, most of our photos from that era are black & white, and the passage of time has given them an aged, antique look. So, in my head, this image of a scrapbook began to form -- but not one of these modern day cutesy scrapbooks. It was an old one, like you might discover in a trunk or attic. Instead of the vivid garden colors called for here at Seasonality, the new one kept telling me it longed for soft parchment and sepia tones, and its banner font should look as if it had been scrawled with an old fountain pen. I yearn to be able to place the photos just where I want them, next to corresponding text, instead of having them placed wherever my Blogger template says they must be, and if they could appear in scrapbook-like frames, or better yet, looking as if they had been stuck to the page with those old-timey corner tabs? Well, I'd just be over the moon. Indeed I would.

Too bad I don't know how to achieve any of this, or if it is even possible on Blogger. Dear Hubby and Son could probably fumble their way around and figure it out eventually, but neither really has the time (you remember what our garage is filled with, don't you?), and I want it now! My son recommended a different hosting service, called Square Space, that seems to be quickly gaining in popularity, but again, it could take me weeks, if not months, to stumble my way to what I want -- months that would be much better spent writing (or perhaps unpacking a box or two?).

So. Anybody got a good banner designer to recommend?
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