Our pebbled floor is in (Love It!), although they need to come back later to apply something called "stone enhancer."  Not sure what that is, but it will make all the colors in the rocks show up better.

My little shaving toe-hold is halfway done.  He came today and just attached this little metal triangle gizmo and filled it with cement.  When it dries he will come back and cover it with tile.

Glass guy was just here to take measurements.  Nothing is easy.  He said "Tell me what you want."  We said "Two walls and a door."  He said we needed to be a little more specific than that.  Then he pulled out a huge catalog and handed it to us.  Criminy.  At first we got excited about some glass with a texture called "Rain", which channelled the water down rivulets so you didn't end up with all those hard water splotches.  But then I realized that the texture would completely hide all my pretty tiles and pebbles!  "Never mind.  I'll take clear glass and a squeegee."

Drywall/paint guy comes tomorrow to start on this leftover space from where the tub was, so I guess Madame Designer and I need to get our rears in gear, and select a paint color for the walls.  Our contractor built a nice tall open-shelved cabinet that will slide right into that space at the back, and give us lots of good storage space for towels and whatnot.  Last but not least is installing the new flooring in both the bath area and kitchen, possibly to begin on Tuesday.  That means I have to empty out that huge china hutch in my kitchen, and get it scooted into the bedroom, without scratching the wood floors there, hopefully!  They will also have to remove the toilet, and reset it again once they have finished.  Wonder how long that will take?
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