Oh my word!  I just realized that I never even told you about the amazing thing we did last Thursday!  You know how we enjoy going to those Susanna's Kitchen concerts here in Wimberley, where we get to see people like Ray Wylie Hubbard, Alejandro Escavedo and Slim Ritchie, in a small, intimate setting?  Well, someone once told us, if you like this, you'd loooove the Blue Rock concerts!  Huh?

The Blue Rock sits in Lone Man Creek
Turns out, there's this couple here, Billy and Dodie Crockett, who have an amazing piece of property overlooking Lone Man Creek.  In fact, they built their house on the same spot where there used to be a tower that local folks used as a lookout --  for Indians!  This is no ordinary house, mind you.  It's also a recording studio, Blue Rock Studio, to be precise, complete with guest quarters in which to house any musical groups that might be there working on a project.

This house just happens to have a huuuuuge living room that seats at least 50 people, and parking space for at least 25 cars.  Why?  Because the Crocketts enjoy hosting little soirees -- what's known hereabouts as "house concerts."  Sometimes they invite well known people to perform in their living room.  Other times they showcase up-and-comers, such as Joy Kills Sorrow, the jazzy, bluesy blue grass quintet that we were there to see.

During the break they welcome you to go explore the recording studio, or climb to the top of their tower.

The suggested donation of $30 a person goes directly to the performers, and everything that goes into the kitty for those yummy desserts you see spread out in the kitchen, gets donated to Wimberley's wonderful after school program, Arts from the Heart.

Dodie and Billy get nothing whatsoever out of it -- other than the joy that comes from giving back to one's community, which, in my opinion, makes them Hill Country Heroes!
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