I know most of you don't give a flip about these piddly details, but I thought John, who is in Houston this week, and Lex, who was the designer on this project, might appreciate being updated stage by stage.

Yesterday they installed something they were calling Hardy-back on the walls, then they coated it with a water-proofing paint that smelled so strong, I had to throw open all the windows and crank up the fans, even though it was 100 degrees out.  By mid-afternoon it was so hot, I just had to get up and leave for a while.  Fortunately the smell went away, once it had dried.  I know we can get healthier paints nowadays, that don't off-gas, but I didn't even know they would have to do this water-proofing step (I thought the tiles would be waterproofing enough!), and have no idea how toxic it is, or if there is a healthier alternative available.  Guess we should have done more research, huh?

They also formed the concrete lip that the glass walls and door will sit upon.  Not sure what's on the agenda for today, but I'm happy that it's finally starting to look like a shower!
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