Well, we've got new flooring in the kitchen and bath (yea!), but we still don't have a useable toilet upstairs (boo!).

Hopefully, the plumber will make it by sometime today, to reset that and install all the new hardware.  Once that's done, there's nothing left to do but a quick bit of painting, and waiting for the glass shower walls to come in.  Sure hope that happens soon, for though our claw-footed tub downstairs is great for soaking in, trying to wash one's hair with its hand-held nozzle is not so great.  I just can't seem to do it without flooding the entire room!

Guess I'd better go get dressed.  I'm off on an adventure with the Muses today, involving fiber arts, gourds, and what's reputed to be the best burger in Texas!  Will report back soon.
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