I used to wonder why some of our friends take trips every year, while all we ever do is talk about it. Then one day Outdoor Woman mentioned that she and her hubby sometimes have trouble traveling together, because they both like to be in charge, the one calling all the shots and making the arrangements. That's when I realized that John and I are the exact opposite of that. We're more of a "Where do you want to eat? I dunno, where do you want to eat?" kinda couple, and never get around to taking trips because neither of us wants to take charge of doing the dirty work. I mean, you wouldn't believe the lengths my hubby will go to, to get out of planning a trip!

For instance, two years ago, when we talked about going to Tuscany or Provence to celebrate our 35th anniversary? He decided to spend it having by-pass surgery instead. Then last year, when the subject came up again? He managed to get himself embroiled in the BP fiasco, setting up their call center for them and working around the clock for weeks on end. We did squeeze in one little weekend get-away during that period though -- back to the hospital!

Of course, I'm only kidding about him doing that to avoid taking charge. I think. The truth is, we never even got as far as deciding which place we'd rather go! Which is why I'm so flabbergasted over what he did this weekend. We were at a party on Saturday, and just happened to strike up a conversation with a young woman whose family had recently taken a Viking riverboat cruise down the Seine, from Paris through Normandy. The more she talked about it, the more I thought, "Wow. That sounds like my kind of travel. Slow Travel."

By Monday John had us scheduled for a cruise in May, but not through Normandy. Through Provence. With a 3-day extension in Paris! Oui Oui! (which is what I did when he told me)
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