My sister-in-law Dani drew my name for Christmas this year. Apparently she reads my blog occasionally. Not only does she read it, she pays attention. How else could you account for this amazing assortment of chocolates, teas, and tea accoutrement? My future tea parties have just been kicked up to a whole new level. Why, she even included a CD, for proper tea-sipping ambience!

Uh-oh. Know what I just realized? I was in such a hurry to get my out-of-town gifts mailed off, I forgot to take any pictures first! Hey Ohio and Wisconsin clan - please take pics and send them back this way, for post-Christmas blog posting!

The first of my peeps (John) arrives today, and starts the snowball a-rollin'. Yikes. Christmas is really here! As usual, these last few days are gonna be a bit crazy. No matter how hard you try to plan ahead and stay on top of it all, there will always be stuff that has to be done at the very last minute: shopping for perishables; cooking; going to the laundromat and remaking guest beds, so the kids don't have to move to sleeping bag and sofa any sooner than necessary; cleaning the guest bathrooms, so they don't get messed up again; not setting the table with Christmas finery until everyone has finished their package wrapping, etc.; not sweeping the porch too soon, since our trees are still dropping leaves and it just wouldn't last... This is always so frustrating to me! I would much prefer to complete everything before anyone arrives, then spend the next several days sipping tea and reading a good book, but you just can't put life on hold, now can you?
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