My Brilliant Excuse

I've been a bad blogger... since Leo came on the scene, finding time to make continual contributions to two blogs has been trickier than I ever would have imagined. He is just so incredibly beautiful that I'm totally absorbed in looking after him (as nature intended!).

So in an effort to simplify life a little, I've decided to consolidate my two blogs into one. When I first started Wicker & Stitch (almost 2 years ago) it was a purely design focused platform... but now, I have so much more in my life to share and write about. In the new year Wicker & Stitch will undergo a make-over and emerge as a beautiful new blog full of vintage and Scandinavian inspired interiors, musings, photography and little snippets of my daily life with my two gorgeous men. I hope all my lovely followers will approve!!!

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My Brilliant Excuse
My Brilliant Excuse
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