Blackjack Table - Design

The blackjack table is very is to follow and by just playing a few hands you will feel comfortable enough with it in order to enjoy the rest of your time there. 

One option for newbies is to play our free online games that we offer to you right here at Blackjack-St. or you could even download the free games that some of the online casinos offer as well.blackjack table Heck, why don’t you do both. You can read more about what we offer and what you might look out for on our free blackjack page. 

That is the general layout, now for what is on the table. Closest to the dealer you will see rows, upon rows of chips that are held by the dealer and are used when players buy into the game. The croupier will also use this area to stake the casinos winnings for each hand. The only other thing that is in front of the dealer is the white box that is used to house the dealer’s cards. 
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Blackjack Table - Design
Blackjack Table - Design
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