I have three good friends named Debbie here in Wimberley, and I ran into one of them - High School Deb - at the grocery store not long ago. When she said "My daughter Karly loves to cook, and we thought we'd do a little "Autumn Dinner" together on the 16th. Why don't you join us?", I had no idea what a magical evening was in store for me.

It's a funny thing about this Deb. We call each other "the-high-school-friend-I-didn't-know-in-high-school." Fortunately for us, though, the Jerseylicious Ms. Sarah Morgan knew us both. When she stumbled across my blog

and realized I was living in the same wee town as her best friend Deb, she hooked us up.

The first time Deb and I actually sat down together in Mima's (we'd probably seen each other there a hundred times before, but had no clue we'd gone to school together), she said "I've found your blog now, and you know that list of books that inspired you? I've read pretty much every one of those. You wanna talk about "living the good life"? Let me tell you about the time Tom and I took off for the forests of Idaho, built our own house from scratch, and started living off the land!" Since that day, we have enjoyed discovering one commonality after another.

Take last night, for instance. The "little get-together" turned out to be much larger than I was expecting - at least two dozen people, plus several babies. When Deb announced that we'd be eating outside, I thought she meant for us to just grab a spot on the porch somewhere, so I headed out there to set my drink down, before coming back to fill my plate from the sumptuous spread they had prepared for us. However, when I caught a glimpse of what actually awaited us there, I almost dropped my goblet! I ran back to the kitchen, shrieking "Oh My Gosh, Deb! Do you have any idea how long I've been dying to go to one of those Outstanding In The Field dinners?" "You too, huh?"
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