Yesterday I decided to take a day off from "shoulds", and concentrated on "coulds" instead. As soon as I finished posting the pics from Saturday evening's festivities, I threw on some clothes and headed out for Austin. First stop? A 10:15 (bargain-priced) showing of Secretariat. What a wonderful, inspiring story - made even more enjoyable by treating myself to one of those little kid's snack-packs that comes with a bit of popcorn and a wee cup of soda, all in a cute little box with a handle. I love tiny stuff.

After the movie I wandered through several stores, looking for a few of the things I still need in order to complete my handmade Christmas gifts. I really needed to go to Hobby Lobby, but of course, they are closed on Sundays. Still, I did manage to score one of the main ingredients, and it was a very pleasant way to pass the time until 3:00, when it was finally OK to go have my lunch/dinner at Mama Fu's. Why 3:00, you ask? Cuz that's when Happy Hour starts! Which means anything you order from the appetizer menu is only half price. And that means I got a mini order of pot stickers, that lovely sesame-crusted ahi tuna draped over a yummy asian slaw, and a big ol' glass of tea, all for about seven bucks. What a deal, Lucille!

Since I ate so early, I then had a long, lovely evening ahead of me, which I spent puttering in the garden and watering plants, starting the new book by Audrey Niffenegger - Her Fearful Symmetry, knitting, and watching some of the Doc Martin: Season Two video that I got from Netflix. Ahhhhhh. My kind of day!

P.S. Many thanks to eatdrinkand beware.blogspot.com for the above image.
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