Today is my 57th birthday. As if that weren't enough, I just happened to glance at my blog stats a moment ago, and it said I now have One Thousand Posts under my belt! I plan to wear sequins all day long, in honor of this dual celebration.

To tell you the truth, I really don't feel 57. In fact, it feels like the clock is going in reverse these days, and that I have become one year younger each year since I came to Wimberley. Guess that's what happens, when you're finally living the good life.

I celebrated with the boys all weekend, then Lex surprised me by stopping by on her way back from Dallas, and spent the rest of the day with me. She brought me a special tea mug that she painted herself, after hearing me complain about how ridiculous it was that mugs were always white inside, and were ruined as soon as you put coffee or tea in them - especially since one can't use bleach products when one has a septic system. Notice the nice orange interior of this one. And, to go with my tea, she brought me a Day of the Dead cookie (Kuh-yoot!), and not one, but two mini pies from Texas Pie Company. She's helping me to eat them all, since I didn't think I could handle it by myself.

Today I'll probably be heading over to San Antonio with two of the Muses, for lunch and a fiber arts exhibit. Unfortunately, one of the Muses is out in California dealing with a family crisis, and can't join us. We miss you Buffalo Woman, and will do our best not to have too much fun without you. Now I'm off to don those sequins!
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