I used to love this mailbox.  It belonged to a musician who lived a few doors down from me, and I'd pass it whenever I was out walking.  At one time there was a door on its mouth, which gave it a big, mischievous grin.  Now he has a sad, vacant stare, and nothing in his mouth but a change of address card.  Sometimes, things get neglected.  They fall apart, and all the life goes out of them.  It happens to houses and mailboxes, and sometimes, even to families.

At least four different houses in our small neighborhood were once full of love and laughter and people who were living out their dreams.  One little B&B got caught in the middle of a nasty divorce battle, then a lady up on the hill passed away, and the house that she and her significant other had built from scratch together sat empty for years, while the partner and her grown kids fought it out in court.  Our own house had sat empty for several years as well, after the man who spent years planning every last detail fell ill and passed away, without ever really getting to live in it.  But then, we stumbled upon it, and it made all of our wishes come true!

I sure hope that will happen to the house down the road.  I hate this vacant stare and gaping mouth,  almost as much as I hate the thought of that sad empty house. Both seem to be wondering "What on earth happened to all the love and laughter?  Why did they start neglecting things, and let them all fall apart?"
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