I guess I kinda forgot about Color-Mad Mondays for a while, but then I stumbled across this big ball o'yarn, in all my very favorite colors -- my Cantina Colors.

And when I say big ball, I mean BIG BALL.  That's a normal ball of yarn on the left, just to give you an idea.  The only thing I don't like about this yarn is that it's acrylic.  It squeaks when you knit it.  Bbbrrrrrr!  But the colors...I just couldn't resist those colors!

I could probably get several tea cozies out of a ball like this (and there's the first one, already in the works), but I'm thinking afghan -- an afghan that could be used for snuggling in any room of the house, and serve as the basis for any Cantina color choices that we might need to make, such as the upcoming Cantina Shower and Cantina Kitchen Floor re-dos.  In fact, Lex is using it right now to choose a color to paint my Cantina Laundry/Potting Room.  But if I'm going to knit an afghan, one big ball just isn't going to cut it.  Guess I'd better get back over to Hill Country Weavers pronto, and pray that they have several more just like it.  Anybody got a nice afghan pattern to share?  This will be my first!
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