It seemed like a good idea at the time -- John opting for semi-retirement, rather than full.  He'd do whatever he could to help out his two partners from here in Wimberley, and just drive down to Houston occasionally, as needed.  But now, I'm beginning to wonder.

You see, everyone is used to my hubby assuming the role of mild-mannered mediator.  He's always been the one who could keep his cool under stress, calm down any clients that Idea Man might've ticked off, keep his two partners from strangling each other, and keep his own tongue in check no matter what political claptrap the others may be spouting.

Problem is,  Hubby's not quite the same guy anymore.  Living in Wimberley can do that to you.  The longer you are here, the stronger your voice becomes, and the less willing you are to overlook injustice.  So last week, when Idea Man went into one of his same old rants for the millionth time, John did something he's never, ever done before.  He talked back.  He said "Ya know what?  That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard."  The guy's still not speaking to him.
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